Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been thinking that if I just get to and make the things I really enjoy making then (according to plenty of people who seem to know) everything settles into place and whatever happens happens because you were doing what you were always supposed to do. On one hand that is a very refreshing idea and years of frustration should just melt away... but on the other my brain says 'As If' and I suspect you have to compromise to a good degree.
If I had my way (I'm not yet saying I can't) then I would be tinkering away on pieces like my Flavian corset with stuffed rat (see above) and making things up as I went happy in the knowledge that there would always be someone just DYING to buy them.... but... well hey maybe I will just get a job at a cafe and eat leftover cake. Have you seen how much food people leave on their plates????
Where's my dirl? There she is! Farting richly and dreaming on the couch as usual. Goodnight.

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