Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's My Dirl?

There she is! Is you my dirl? Where's a dirl? Duppy Dirl!
A dirl is there, watching things.
My best dirl is lying on the couch not watching the BBC
documentary on pedigree dogs and their misbreeding.
For a sausage dog that is more like a rissole, she is
lucky to be in good health.
My dirl sees everything around this house and lots of things in the garden and she has her own routine which is mostly mine as well.
She lines up when it's shower time, she naps on jarmies
when I am under the water, she whinges from the hallway when it's our bedtime and won't look at me if she's appalled.

A dirl's ear is inside out and she doesn't even care.


1 comment:

  1. Where's the duppy dirl? Me and Mr Tsukiyomi just watched the doco on breeding too, and we had a teary when the boxer was having an epileptic and the cavaliers were screaming in agony. Let's hope the duppy doesn't get anything like that, tragic. Kisses to my dirl!