Friday, September 11, 2009

What an effort.

Some weeks ago, with my duppy dirl in the backyard while I was testing out my lovely new camera (that does not have a power lead and so chews through batteries like chocolate) I took this shot of a poor abandoned cobweb.
It just made me think 'Bum. All that effort.' Who knows what happened to the spider, it probably just died of old age like it was always supposed to, but no one will ever know if it felt like it had made an effort or if it didn't even realise it was alive.
Then some dirt got blown into it, then a bit of dried leaf, and some backyard dust. Then it turned dull and limp and looked a bit like thin hairy wool in the rain.... and there it was. Still hanging on without its keeper and filling up a corner. What about the insects that get caught in it now? All that effort. Flying around doing garden things and FWAT. Stuck in a derelict cobweb that serves no purpose and no chance of a full-circle nature event. Bum. Makes me feel a bit 'What's the point?' about everything at the same time as feeling really lucky that I'm not a spider or other insect.

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