Friday, September 11, 2009

Torn Torn Torn

So ANYWAY, the thing that takes up most of my brainspace when I'm in designy mode (I'm a clothing n costume designer incidentally) is whether to make things that are actually creative for me and involve some playing around.... OR to make plain cookie cutter things for boring people who might possibly even buy them. Take this bodice for example. A fine combination of carefully thought out textures and tones, antique-never-to-be-found-again lace, gorgeous peach-latte brocade. A one-off thing. You got it, nobody else got it. Now I would sell one interesting thing like this for every twenty plain, one-of-a-number and pumped out pieces.... say price is not dissimilar because I like making the one-off's better. The world is all about being an individual and projecting your inner self through outer expression la-di-da, but I don't see it. Well suffer, coz you can't get that fabric anymore anyway. Pthth. Dirl is looking horrified that I should be so ungrateful, but bloody hell.

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  1. Hey Suzie, I know what you mean! but I am finding more and more that people (locals and all!)are looking for that uniqueness, and I think they just need to know where to look. I will be sure to let them know!